It's going to be a busy summer...

I have partnered with a new promoter in the Bay Area to add several local shows. From the East Bay to the Peninsula, I have shows almost every weekend this season. With my upgraded booth and workshop, it's going to be an exciting year. 

As you probably noted on the Main Page, I am doing an entirely new collection for this season. 20 new images! I will be brining out 1 or 2 best sellers from the City by the Bay collection along with a large format canvas and 6-8 prints from the new collection.


City by the Bay










Golden Gate #1

This was taken from Fort Point on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Just a wisp of fog coming in over the tops of the towers contrasts with the emerald hues of the water below. One of my more popular prints, the color in this shot is rich and amazing. And who can resist the iconic Golden Gate Bridge!





Cafe Z

One of the more notable buildings in North Beach, the Sentinel building is the home of Cafe Zoetrope. Francis Ford Coppola's eatery.









This little fellow was playing hide and seek with me while I was exploring some ridiculously photogenic twisted trees. 






Sonic Transducer (Program 8)

Planet, Smanet Janet!




What I did on Summer Vacation

He asked if he could borrow my sunscreen! Also, I was sworn to secrecy about his favorite vacation spot…






Swingin' City (Golden Gate #2) 

Sadly, this tree and swing are no more, still a great view though. Kirby Cove, Marin Headlands.






Existential Extraterrestrial

Mondays man… Even aliens deal with Ennui.






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