I've gotten a lot of compliments and comments on my photography rig when out and about. Especially hiking!

It started with a hip bag I was gifted years ago that's no longer available, but this is similar:

Leg Pouch

But any reasonably robust ~2" nylon web belt would work fine though!

I used this bag for cycling and hiking for years. When I bought the new 5D, I knew I needed a better rig for this beast.

I looked for quite a while and decided on the Think Tank line of camera bags:

Think Tank holster 40

This bag is awesome! My cleaning kit goes in the lid pocket. Lens cap in the outside elastic pocket. It doesn’t quite fit the big lens with the lens hood out, but I usually holster that in the other bag. The attached rain cover for the camera works excellent for rain, sand, and dust.

I also prefer the Peak camera strap:

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap Black

At first I felt that the cord that attaches the disc to the camera would wear out, but they have held up amazingly well!

I also decided to use the RC4 quick attach system for pretty much everything I attach the camera to. It's very robust:

Manfrotto 394 RC4 Low Profile Rectangular Rapid Connect Adapter with 410PL Plate -Black

I use them on the camera, tripod, Fig rig, steadicam, and monopod. If you use a hand strap, this will interfere with the bottom attachment, so I custom made a bottom attachment with some stranded wire. The ability to use 1/4 or 3/8 threads is very helpful when using pro level tripods and mounts.

I love my tripod, and I'm going to take very good care of it since it apparently isn't available anymore, and I can't even find a decent equivalent to show you! I’ll do a separate article on it at some point.

After I acquired my first zoom lens, I bought this:

Think Tank Photo Lens Changer 75 Pop Down V2.0

I really like the size, although it is a bit snug getting it in and out with a tripod foot and RC4 attached. The integrated rain cover is a nice bonus touch!

All of this gets a bit heavy hanging off of my hips, so I added a set of padded suspenders to make it much more comfortable to carry:

McGuire-Nicholas - BL-30289 30289 Bl- Load Bearing Gelfoam Suspenders For Added Back Support

My only issue is these will interfere with backpack or water pack straps. I’ve considered getting a pair of flat straps for these occasions. And I’m also going to try hanging a water bladder off the back of the suspenders.

And last, but certainly not least is my new 70-200 lens:

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens w/ Essential Photo Bundle - Includes: Altura Photo Backpack, Monopod, UV Protector, SanDisk 32GB C10 SD Card, Camera Cleaning Set 

I bought the kit above, and I'm happy with all the extras. The monopod is especially useful, and reasonable quality.  

I cannot get over how amazing this lens is compared to my old one.

Update: 2/20/2018

Since I traded my iMac for a 6D and some prime lenses, I have had the quandary of how to carry and manage both cameras. After much online research, I decided on the LowePro ProTactic:


I’ll upload some photos soon!

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