Michael Lumos

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Walnut Creek, CA 94103



2016 - Folsom St. Fair Featured Artist, “Japanese Rope Art,” San Francisco, CA.

2018 - Wicked Grounds, Solo exhibition “Erotic Kinbaku,” San Francisco, CA.

2021 - Novato and Los Altos Art shows “Red Rock Exhibition” and various landscapes

2022 - Multiple Art Shows - “Red Rock Exhibition” and various landscapes

2023 - Multiple Art Shows - “Whimsy - the 2023 Collection”



2015 - “Petals in the Sand,” Self Published Photobook



2022: This season, Michael will be showing Red Rock pieces along with various landscapes and city photography. 

2023: Michael is proud to announce a new collection, “Whimsy”. Also, Michael will be showing new work incorporating aerial photography.


Artist Bio


Michael is a visual artist, primarily working in photography, but with occasional forays into video and watercolors. He also does performance art in the style of Japanese rope called Shibari or Kinbaku.


In high school Michael discovered his love for candid street style photography. He produced the majority of the candid photos for his Senior year annual. This gave him a solid background in darkroom techniques and street/candid style photography. 


After a decade’s hiatus, Michael picked up his first digital camera, and resumed that facet of his art. This also allowed for experimental video projects.


In 2013 he began honing his technique in his new home base of the Bay Area, being drawn to its prolific environment for raw creative expression. Here, he combined his performance art and photographic skills to produce a series of fine art pieces which focused on the art of Japanese rope bondage.


After learning that the Grand Staircase National Monument was to be dramatically reduced, Michael decided to pursue his dream of a true photo expedition in the Southwest desert. In early 2018, he embarked on a months long journey of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Taking over 10,000 images, he has over the last two years processed this massive trove of data into a series of prints which he has entitled the Red Rock Exhibition. 


“This series speaks to me on a very visceral level, I’m immediately brought back to the place and time the image was captured for every print. Sometimes it’s a smell, sometimes it’s the character of the light that I remember, but the desert will always be a part of me because of that time there. The desert is a big place, and these images deserve to be big and explode with color and detail. So I’ve decided that the main format will be medium to large fine art prints.” 


Using Canon printers and Canon Lucia Pro ink combined with Archival, museum grade papers and frames, Michael produces Limited Edition prints and canvases. 


2022 update: This season, Michael will be showing Red Rock pieces along with various landscapes and city photography. 

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