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    The Fine Art print is the pinnacle of photographic art. It is the physical product of a long process including the journey to the subject, the moment of the image capture, the processing of the data, and finally, the emergence of the paper from the printer.

    Once my decision was made to present my work almost exclusively in this style, the search for a printer began. It was an easy decision to stay with the company I chose for my cameras and lenses, Canon. Their imagePROGRAF Pro-1000 printer paired with LuciaPRO pigment inks is a dream combo. I then began to test several papers to pair with the Pro-1000.

Update 2022: I have added the flagship Canon printer, the Pro 6100 to the lineup. This beast prints up tp 60"(Five feet!) wide and however long I want as it uses rolls of material instead of cut sizes.

   I have decided that my primary papers will be made by Canson. Bartya Photographique II for big, bright glossy prints, and Rag Photographique for non-coated, more painterly prints. And to present these works of art, I will be using Archival Methods Museum quality frames and mattes.

Update 2023: I am now making all frames in-house. And I am upgrading to museum-grade acrylic from tru-vue. This UV-filtering, scratch resistant, and anti-reflective acrylic only adds to the beauty of my prints.

   So, from pigment to paper, to frame and matte, my prints are Museum quality archival Giclee Fine Art Prints.

   Here are some of the features of my framed prints:

•Prints are signed and numbered on the back, and on the front of the matte:

•Padded corners to protect your wall:   

•Slide-in, closed frames. To keep your print secure!

•6 feet of hanging wire, and mounting hardware:

•TruVur Museum acrylic. This is crème de la crème of protective acrylic for framed art.



•Archival Methods acid-free matte and backing.



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