This is my office and workspace. I'm giving a tour of my working space and show you some of my tools and equipment used to print and create my fine art prints.



Recently I had a pop-up show and I recorded a tour of my booth. Since we are having so many cancellations due to the pandemic, I thought this would be a good way to show off the art in a safe way.

The catalog is here for better images and the shopping cart.


Hello! In my last entry, I covered the basics of The Photographers Ephemeris. Now, I’ll show you a quick run-down of the next tool in the bundle that I use, The Photographers Transit.

I've gotten a lot of compliments and comments on my photography rig when out and about. Especially hiking!

This update is to document my shot planning for my recent eclipse shoot, and an awesome app I used.

When I heard about the super blue blood moon, I got really excited. I’m in San Francisco, so I decided to find a local landmark that would work well as a foreground for the eclipse. This required that I know when and where the moon would be when the eclipse was going on.

First, I searched the web for the time of the eclipse. 4-6am. Sheesh! This was going to be an early morning for me...

Happy New Year to everyone! This post marks the beginning of a new direction for my posts and photography.


I’m in the planning stages of a photography tour through the Southwest. Specifically Southern Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. And already I’m discovering that not only is there way more than I can do even with 2 months to fill, but it’s more complicated than I imagined!